at the movies

Really should have posted this as a weekend blurble, the cumulative posts I do to cover happenings of the weekend, but I'm a little lazy with this heat.

Went to see Toy Story 3 with some friends on Friday, marking the first time I saw a movie on opening day. The theater was packed. I was pleasantly surprised to find that we didn't really stick out as a group of 10 20-somethings, a teenager (Bro2) and a 3-year-old. There were a lot of non-kids there. And Disney Pixar didn't disappoint.

I won't give away the plot. It was a real treat, appealing completely my nostalgic side...or core. I'm pretty nostalgic. There was the adventure, like the others, of the toys getting lost and trying to get back home. But it was brilliantly done, not flawlessly but sprinkled with moments to laugh, moments to applaud, moments to very nearly cry. I'd mark it a win.