This is my 500th post here. In case the title didn't give that away. I can't believe I've been doing this for that long. Couldn't decide if I should go fun or nostalgic with this post...which seems just a little more epic than previous 100s. I mean, that's halfway to 1000.

I love my blog. Is that narcissistic? I mean I love being able to go back and read past entries...and really feel like I'm going back, because, hey! I remember posting that. Sometimes I smile. Sometimes I get a little sad. Lots of ups and downs chronicled here. Fun things and serious changes. (Did you notice the layout is different? Slowly hacking the blogger code. Not done yet.)

Guess I'm going nostalgic. Hehe. This is my fave post all time, about ketchup and insomnia.

To another 500!

Post Picture: My self-portrait yesterday...for the Flickr group.