Blurble 1.28

I saw a sign: Free North Korean Refugees in China. I don't understand this sign.

Switching from IE to Firefox made a difference with my PC. IE is increasingly becoming evil to me. I'm still a bit of a holdout though.

Really had to push myself today. This is a difference from where I was before, when I would have only wanted to wallow. I still consider sleeping away my problems. I know that won't work, but I consider it. I did manage to sand 10 blanks for magnets. Sanding takes sooo long because I do it by hand. But I put on some music and did it. I also typed up another piece I'd written, took some pictures of more destash stuff. (too much stuff) Today was somewhat productive.

Am currently watching The Complete Jane Austen on PBS. I'm getting a little love-storied out. It's not helping with my...situation. I need to watch Transformers. Haha.

Post Picture: Taken last fall. This was the final leaf on my neighbor's tree. Sometimes I feel like that leaf, clinging too hard, long after everyone else has let go, knowing I should...but very afraid to fall.