Continue 3.07

I've been challenged to something by my...person who challenges me a lot. I'm not going to exactly say what it is. To that challenge I want to add a few things:

  • I want to take a self-portrait every Thursday even if I don't upload it to my Flickr. Just for me, as a record. For posterity. I'd like to take self-portraits more. But I'll start with once a week.

  • I want to finish something every day. I always work on more than one project at a time because I sell more than one type of item. If I discipline myself, I should be able to finish something every day.

  • I want to write more. Not necessarily on my blog. I've gotten pretty good at blogging, if not here than Twitter or tumblr. But I have stories that I've been 'working' on for a long time. I want to finish them. Even if I don't publish them. Just finish them.

This is all about moving on. I'm not really happy with where I am, but only I can choose to take the steps forward. So, I challenge myself and publish it here, for accountability I guess.

Post Picture: Taken by Bro1 last May at a college park sorta near our house. It'll be green again soon. That keeps me going.