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I'm working on my room again. I need to stain the moulding. I was mad that I can't get it dark like the doors are/will be. I'll probably have to settle for Golden Oak because of the patina of the wood. I really don't like Golden Oak. The walls are going to be beige with random shapes of color (a concept my mother doesn't seem to fully understand.) Golden Oak is such a yellow-y orange that I think it will look really bad. I'm going to try Cherry and hope that look all right.

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Yesterday I gave the pastor's wife back her necklaces. I had to four to restring. The one in the picture was my favorite.

It's double strung, waxed linen thread and tigertail. The big beads are pretty heavy. I tried to keep with the original designs. It had little fiber beads wrapped in gold as a spacers. When I took it apart the beads came apart. I improvised and used a repeating wooden bead pattern. There's also some macrame at the back for the toggle, similar to the original. I figured it was the design she liked when she bought the necklace and didn't want to funk with it too much. It's not my style, a little too grown up, but I think it's really pretty.