finding.me- hello, moon

I have an early class on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Because of where I live and how public transit operates in my area I have to get up 3 hours before class starts to get to school on time.  Usually, after a time of getting up early, my body gets used to it.  I haven't adjusted to this 6:00 wake-up time.  (That is was winter didn't help.)  I was starting to freak out myself.  Maybe there was some deep problem.  Maybe I had chronic fatigue.  Then I thought...

Tara of Scoutie Girl posted today about being a morning person. Everything she described about the early morning before her family is awake is exactly who I feel about working on my craft business late into night.

From about 3 in the afternoon is my prime thinking time. Most of the hours before that, and definitely the ones before 9 in the morning are blur. (If ever you see a new post published before 9 AM on any of my blogs know that it was scheduled...mostly written late the night before.) My brain kicks up a gear and revs with ideas and thoughts for new and old projects. All the tedium of classes and bus rides, homework and housework has largely been completed and now...I can craft.

I like the quiet of my house at night. During the day it's bumbling with five human occupants and one 10-ish-year-old cat who still randomly runs from room to room. At night, when everyone else is in bed...there's a peace. I don't have to jockey for the computer or the TV (I need background noise when I work.) I kinda have free reign. I can spread my stuff out and not get in anyone's way. It's nice.

I guess, in a sentence, I prefer sunsets to sunrises.

photo courtesy: Anthony Arrigo- www.astrophotography.com