It's the new year!

I wish I had a picture to share. But I don't. I've just been lazing around. (Is lazing a word...in that context?) Hardly playing the part of entrepreneur but it feel wickedly good to relax.

The focus issue from a few posts ago has largely gone away. I talked things through and wrote a lot. It's still on my mind, but not in the obsessively crazed way it used to be.

I'm happy to say that I'm finally painting the walls in my room. Primer really shows how non-white the walls were. I'm taking my time painting. It only took 2 years to get here. (I can slack off at times.)

So much changed last year, particularly during the last 3 months of 2007. I have a page of new ideas, a list of things I'd like to accomplish for elpy. I want to work on everything right now, but that's impossible. Still...what a difference a day makes.