I'm on someone's blog! I did a bit of instigating. She posted in the Etsy forums that she would feature people on her art blog if you convo'd her. So I did. I told her she could pick any picture/listing she wanted but preferably not the potholders. Although I want them to go away...I don't really want them to be featured. So she chose that necklace herself. It's exciting. Even though it wasn't a total surprise to me.

Here's to movin' on up!


I started a Deviantart page I've joined the Etsyseller group there. I'm believing this will help with networking...but so far I'm only really reaching other artists. Better than no one I guess.

Keepin' the faith.


I had grand plans at the beginning of the weekend which hardly seems to be two days ago. I was going to create so much. I was going to plan and sketch (something I don't do well), organize and have things to list in my shop throughout the week. I, however, have nothing. I fought with the blog, trying to get the ringcode for the Etsyseller ring into the right spot so it would show up. I tried to upload some of my shop stuff to Froogle. That didn't work. I'm convince Froogle hates me. Oh well.

I really want to make this work because making things is something I enjoy. I'll keep trying. I know not what else to do.


This is the banner I made for my shop on Etsy. The knot is from one of my macrame necklaces. I will probably change it again. I go through banners like no one's business...well my business. Anyway, I need photoshop bad. Paint is annoying.