Blurble 8.06

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Admittedly, blogging is my fave part of my to-do's. I should prolly keep until I've done some of my least favorite things. Like sanding. I don't like sanding.

I didn't do the market today. It rained again, but then the sun came out and I could have gone, but I was all unwound by then. (Can't explain that any better.) So I dropped off the photograph that I sold. The buyer wanted it matted and framed. I ended up making about $4. Ah well. It looked nice.

Must search for pictures of celtic knots, cupcakes, and bars of soap. Woodburned custom requests! Yay!

The Olympics start in 2 days. I'm excited about this. I love the Olympics...correction, I love opening ceremonies. heh

Post Picture: Found in the big local paper, job listings. Should I send to Leno? :P