elpy has had some recent blog mentions.

You can read more about me (as if this blog wasn't enough, right?) on Mixed Plate. Plus there's a shipping deal for readers.

A set of my magnets was featured on Cuteable. Thanks so much, Lynsey.

And I'd appreciate a vote in Timothy Adam's Photo Contest. You can click the post photo or the link in this paragraph. Voting is simple, click the grey box that says '+ vote'. No account set-up or email addy needed.

Many thanks and enjoy!


Seller Tips- Google Analytics

I'm an indie-preneur, a micro-business owner constantly looking for ways to promote my work. I started this column, Seller Tips, to help me keep track of my findings and to pass them on to you.

[what's it called] Handmadeology video- Google Analytics
[where'd you find it] Handmadeology
['splain it please] A tutorial on some of the features of Google Analytics.

I was going over my shop and blog stats today and realized, that I didn't really know what I was looking at. I've known for a while that GA, as I shall refer to it, is a 'powerful tool'. It's also frightfully intimidating.

GA can be integrate with Etsy, Artfire, various blog services and stand alone sites. Fellow Etsyan Timothy Adam breaks down some of the features and charts of GA in this video using his own Artfire studio. He shows you how to find out where your visitors are coming from geographically and in terms of other sites, as well as how to set up custom stat reports. It's pretty simple and I feel like I have a better handle on it now.


ThisNext:: iPod Touch

iPod touch

Not that Apple needs any more publicity, especially from the indie sector, but I’ve wanted one of these since I saw the commercial sometime last year. And for my bday a few weeks ago, Bro1 bought me the 8-gig version. You can see my geeking out here. It hasn’t left my side, except when it needs to be charged. If you know of any must-have apps…leave a comment.



Realized I haven't blogged in a week. Temp job called me back.
I'm here. I'll try to work in some posts.


ThisNext :: OneHundredYears

OneHundredYears :: Hustle and Bustle Dress...

ThisNext post is a day late this week. My apologies.

From OneHundredYears This dress is so frilly and then, at the same time, not. I'm usually not a dressy person, but this is incredibly fun and versatile.

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All the corduroy-and-plaid-thrifted-vintage(sometimes)-goodness, aka wristlets, is 20% off! They're already marked down, no need to wait for an adjusted invoice.


A msg

Dear fair (as in lovely) blog readers,

I heart you. teehee,




Zephyr- take two

Today is Retake the Road Test Day!
The pic is worth a thousand words. :)


Seller Tips- Media Kit 101

I'm an indie-preneur, a micro-business owner constantly looking for ways to promote my work. I started this column, Seller Tips, to help me keep track of my findings and to pass them on to you.

[what's it called] biz ladies 09: fresh from the oven- media kits
[where'd you find it] Design*Sponge
['splain it please]Think Bakery explains media kits.

This series was born from my quest to find ways to promote my business. There are lots of things that I read about and think I should do, but don't know how to get started. Putting together a media kit is one such task.

The lovely ladies of Think Bakery, a new company that I covered in my last Seller Tips, recently wrote an article about the basics of 'media-kitting'. They make it sound so simple, complete with an example of a faux business, which is exactly the kind of thing that helps me...details.

Not everyone needs a media kit, but the following list, lifted lovingly from the article, helps you see if you qualify:

* are a publisher on or offline [this includes bloggers]
* own any website that sells ads
* are an artisan who is looking to get your work featured or sold
* are a designer who is looking for press or manufacturer
* a musician or in a band who is releasing new work
* a filmmaker whose film is ready to be released
* own a company who has a new product launch
* are opening a restaurant or shop

It's a great read, definitely worth bookmarking and sharing with others.