Gettin' Close

I'm busy, with elpy...for the first time ever. It's tiring, but good. Rewarding, fulfilling. Life as an artist is somewhat tenuous. But in those moments, as something starts to cross the line from idea, to raw materials, to completed item...it's addictive, and sadly, indescribable.

Today, I bought a cash box. No one in my family had one or something that could pass for one. I like it. It locks and has comparments. I want to decorate it with stickers. :D

I also bought beads to make another Sumeria. I bought clasps for a bracelet I whipped up. I didn't have clasps, so I didn't make bracelets. Earrings were easier anyway. I washed four 'new' shirts I thrifted to be used in wristlets. Probably won't make into this show, but I have them. No excuses.

I was a photographer. My mom's making invites for the same lady who placed the jewelry commission with me. We needed a pictures of the lady's daughter...so I took them. Yay! Was kinda fun. Should have taken more, I think.

I spray painted. 'Twill be a display for the market. I bid on an alchemy request.

Then, to my unending surprise, because I've always been surprised, I got a SALE! Earrings, Curvatures. I'm thrilled to bits. Possible custom order, too! So happy! Seriously.

Long day, but good day. There are things I left out to be put in another entry. One a few more before I can sleep for a week. A person needs longer to prepare for a show than two weeks. I don't know why I do this to myself. heh

Post Picture: A superb failure. There's something extremely artistic about that streakiness too me. May be added to rJax soon.