Weekend Blurble- Home

So the show is over. Eee!

It was really nice, not so much in terms of sales as the vibe/time I had. I'd go again if they asked. I met LittlePies. She's the first Etsy seller I've talked with online almost since I joined Etsy, and then met in person. Very cool! She's really nice. Her husband's nice, too. :)

This show had a very different feel from the craft show I did in October. That one was more traditional, what usually comes to mind when one thinks 'craft fair'. Little ladies selling quilts and wreaths. This had a distinctively younger feel, I don't think any of the vendors were over 40, not as a discriminatory thing, I'm sure. It's what craft shows are becoming...cool.

The trip was reminiscent of the old trips we used to make every Thanksgiving and during the summer as all of our extended family lives out-of-state. Of course, the brothers and I have grown up since then. It was nice.

Post Picture: Two River Theater in Red Bank, NJ where the show was held.