Twitter in Plain English

Because I'm just no good at explaining things sometimes.


Because I haveTwitter on the brain, only short random tweet-esque lines. Hopefully, regular blogging will resume momentarily.

In the opening paragraph I was going to type 'random short tweet-esque...' but it didn't read right to me. Any clue why?

What's with the buffalo in my dreams? Do recurring animals means something?

I'm tired of trying hard for nothing.

Attempting to set goals for the day, failing miserably. Even when I only put a few things on the list. Than I feel bad because I can see the tasks I'm avoiding instead of them just being nebulous and in my mind.

Firmly believe 'ness' can be added to just about any word.

What is it that makes for awkward pauses, pauses, and laughter when parents or like-aged people use slang? Don't they get that some things they just shouldn't say?

Why does he ignore me? Why?

It's crazy how many beads and things I've bought in the last month. Geez! Need to start using them. (refer to post picture, I hope to upload it to Flickr soon with notes.)

Cranford is incredibly sad. It needs to overplay for humor because the somber/serious parts are near morbid. Stop with the death already!

I love brownie sundaes.

If talking about a problem gets you upset and not talking about it makes you want to talk about it...what is your REAL problem?