for the better 9.06

This is a blog post to say that I have nothing to say. Hehe.

I want to blog more though. Find something to say when I have feel like I have nothing to say. Would you want to know about everyday minutae? Maybe not, you have your own after all...mine is probably not anymore interesting. Perhaps, I should try to be interesting, read more interesting things, find more interesting items. I need to do this because I tweet too much. Tweeting has made my thoughts small and succinct. It's made it hard to be more verbose and write papers for English class. It's like, I've said everything there is to say here, man. No, I can't squeeze out another paragraph...don't you know I only have 140 characters.

Had a thought about social media, how the sites can take over your life, how they are melding in my head to the point I want to @reply to people on flickr. That might be interesting.

So I'll make more of a concerted effort to post here. Even with school and hopefully more work of some sort eventually. Being restricted did made me creative, but it's time to burst out of those bounds and release my inner rambler. It might be fun.

Post Picture:Newest pair of Dots earrings. I made a bunch of new ones for samples, but they will also be listed.