So far

For the show next Monday I've:

    Bought table
    Printed rJax labels
    Made 3 new sets of magnets
    Made 1 duplicate set of magnets
    Cut blocks for coasters
    Cut blocks for magnets
    Sanded blocks for coasters
    Sanded blocks for magnets
    Made 2 coasters
    Drawn 4 other coasters
    Have 3 wristlets almost done
    Bought a small display piece.
    Ordered more prints
    Ordered business cards for elpy
    Almost finished bracelet
    Thought/stressed a lot

It's my first show and I really needed more than two weeks to prepare. I realize I've been extremely lackadaisical with my production habits. It's just hard to want to make things that have until now, basically just...yeah.

I made a huge list of things I wanted to do. I wanted to duplicate all the magnets. I wanted to make three sets of four coasters. (coasters are not in the shop yet, won't be until after the show) I didn't count on messing up one. I don't know why. One always needs a rough draft. And my woodburning pen seems to be dying or something. It gets hot but won't burn as quickly. So at the moment I'm wanting to up my prices because it's taking forever. I won't though...I'll wait.

Oh, I meet with my jewelry commission-ee/er this Thursday. Long story about why, but I'll get to be a photographer! *would like a d-slr, now* So I'm a little stressed about that.

I should have a sign for my table. I just don't know what I want it to look like. I should get a tablecloth or something for the table. I've heard you should use floor length ones. I'll settle for now. This came too quickly. I'll sleep on the 15th...like all day.

I really hope it's a good show. I want it so badly.