wb- there and back again

Plans have shifted and changed a lot in the last few weeks. Too much to go into here. But things are starting to settle down for a bit before they ramp back up for December, the craziest month of the year.

I discovered a local yarn shop,Creative Fibers. The staff is super-friendly and the yarn selection is overwhelming and lovely. I don't think I'll go back to buying yarn at chain stores. Is yarn-snobdom in my future? Perhaps?

School is going okay. I missed having teachers who didn't know what they were doing during high school because I was homeschooled. I'm having to call on reserves of patience to deal with some of the tricks in my classes. So, I've learned a lot this semester about myself and dealing with people than academically.

Got stalled with my Nanowrimo. I have no time with all the school things to do. November is such an inconvenient month to have that...for college students anyway. It got me writing again. So I'm happy I started it.

I'll stop this before I get too journal-ish. I think the semester break will be filled with doing craft things I've neglected, getting Minifolk running, and family.

Post Picture: I'm working on a custom scarf for Etsy pal, Brooke, cause I have the knitting skills now. hehe. She wanted it skinny and bright red.