Diary Project 2009- my page

There's a collaboration project that I saw on Etsy called Diary Project 2009. (Am I the only person who often types/writes 'dairy' when I mean 'diary'? I don't think I ever do the reverse.)

I signed up in May, I think, saying I could make an address page. Why do I always go for over-the-top? I have no real experience with graphic design unless you count the myriad of banner designs I've run through on Etsy. Saying I could make an address page was like trying to back up into a parking space my first time driving. Which I did. (over-achiever?)

I had a design in mind, but didn't really know it would take to make it. Over the last few days I assembled various pieces of clip art, put them together in PSE and Printmaster. I had to rework the design from fourteen spaces to ten as per the design instructions. (my bad) I pushed and adjusted, made and deleted more duplicate layers than I thought the system could take. But I'm happy with it. Almost thrilled. My little page. :) I hope the project manager approves.