Finding me 12.18

Hehe, so I've run all my reusable post titles, Blurble, Now, and Finding Me, back to back. That was unintentional. I think I'm really into tracking myself, my thoughts.

I've been going through a huge emotional change since September. Consequently, I've been reading my journal and this blog over and over. Really, I'm amazed at how different I am. I was beginning to think it wasn't that significant but I read my writings from 2003-2007. (It was all in one book.) I was wrong. I don't know how I made it through that time. More importantly, I don't know how my family made it through that time having to live with me.

I'm getting better. It's a process, I'm learning to accept that. I'm learning to enjoy the journey, not purely be fixed on the finish line.

I also really like the sneakiness of Christmas shopping. Hehe. I'm smirking to myself even though the little gift I just bought was not that expensive. The recipient will like it. Hehe.

Post Picture: A picture of the ceiling at a nearby church. I guess I chose this because...things are looking up. :P