I cleaned my desk off today. That is huge. I'd been wanting to just sweep everything on my desk off of it for a long time. But instead I just kept organizing the junk into piles, throwing stuff away when it became particularly insane, but in keeping most of it. Today, I swept it all off. Wiped the surface clean. And then took pictures...which I haven't uploaded yet because the camera friendly PC was down. Then I carefully selected which things to put back. I decided:

  • pencil and pen cup, that also contains paintbrushes, scissors, and an American flag

  • bead mat- the furry kind that stop beads from rolling around higgledy-piggledy

  • small plastic drawers- i have more beads and half-finished knotted pieces in that

  • scotch tape

  • three small plastic container that contain bits of project leftovers...i will sort through them later

  • pliers

So I'm set up for jewelry making now. I also made three pairs of earrings, one pair of Acutes and two pairs of Dots. That makes today epic. I'd been struggling creatively for a long time. Slumps are almost painful, but they also give you time to learn other things. For me, it was knitting.

So I shall new things to list in the coming week when I open elpy anew.