WB- Busy

This weekend was fun, a nice little diversion that I did need. Perhaps I enjoyed myself too much, getting back into working on projects seems tougher today.

On Friday, bro1 got fired. That's wasn't fun, but it wasn't really a surprise. It wasn't his fault, not in our biased estimation...or in that of his peer-level coworkers. It was a retail tragedy. But to celebrate our common joblessness, we had lunch together at this little diner down the street. Little diners are such culinary gems. Scrumptious food on the cheap.

Then we went to the movies. We never go to the movies, I think the last thing I saw in a theater was Evening. (gag) So this was a big deal to us- me, the bros and the dadperson.

Saturday I rode my bike around town. For exercise. (holla!) I've been trying to be more active. My clothes were getting tight. I've been at it a week and have noticed a difference in how I feel. Endorphins...what a rush!

I worked on my project, generated lots of scraps. I think I've saved every scrap of acid-free cardstock from every project I've done since I was about 15. All in a ziploc bag. Amazing.

Sunday was church. Then fireworks at a nearby town's annual celebration. And I forgot my camera. Because I'm that awesome. I think this little girl next to us fell asleep in her father's arms. I want that skill. We were right under the display! Fireworks are cool.

Hope this doesn't sound entirely like a 12-year-old's journal. Weekends are generally lazy as all get out. This one was more memorable.

Now...back to work.

Post Picture: One of my secret project photos. I have two pieces done. One halfway, another about 1/4. I think I might need to make some people. Not sure, yet. And a plane...maybe I need a plane.