These aren't going to be consigned. Once I buy more magnets, they'll probably be listed. I went on a bit of a tear last night. I burned those four and started on the eight for Bailey's Designs. It was nice to just sit and work and listen to music. (note: my stereo is dead, now. I was using my mom's.) Not that I have a shortage of time. I just get distracted.

I get so pensive when I'm making a new design. I wasn't even going to burn the coffee and donuts because I kinda messed up when I was drawing the donuts. But then I figured, what do I have to lose.

Things, including myself, are continuing to change. It's interesting and subtle, though sometimes glaring and obvious. It's funny how easily I'm adjusting to a new way of thinking, still way analytical, but less stressed. I guess I was ready for something new.