WB- People!


What have I been up to? Why, crafting on my secret project of course. I made 5 little people out of paper, using a technique called quilling.

The first one took most of the day, the other four I finished the day after. I got the basic idea from a book, but I tweaked that and made up my own styles and patterns from there. Once I'd figured out the process, I was a machine. Usually I have to warm up to my creations. These I loved instantly upon completion. I did take a group shot.

Also, my brothers are gone for most of the week. Our church has a youth retreat every year. This year they both went. I realized, while taking out the trash which is normally Bro1's chore, that we'll soon be on our own. We'll have to do for ourselves the things that are shared among the three of us. Felt I should thank them more. (Our trash can is a green mammoth.) Yes, I got all sentimental and sappy. (sigh) But I haven't been an only child for 20+ years. It's weird. We're kinda dull, the parents and I. Can't help but think that when I'm away, I'm not missed as much as they are...they're so loud.

Post Picture: The coolest of the people I made. Wasn't sure if I should make 4 or 5. One of my tweet pals said 5 and instantly this idea came to mind. I might have a crush on him. I think it's the arms.