Must post quickly. I have other things to do.
I've signed myself up to do a show next week, the same one I did last week but on it's busier day, and the week after, the one I was invited to. Then I'm going to need a break. From shows. They get me all fired-up and creative so I'll have new things to list. My eternal encourager would want me to do a show every week for the rest of the summer. My body and mind couldn't handle that. Not yet. I'm new to this.

I got critiqued last night on Etsy. She said my jewelry was beautiful. Wow! I glowed. haha. She suggested I move the minis up in the sidebar. Since I have three, though, I'd rather hack the template and make it 3 columns and put the minis over there. I'm not sure why this makes a difference to me, but it does. I've been hankering for a blog redesign for a while anyway. So...

She also suggested I at least register and maybe moved to the username elpy on Etsy. I want to, but only if I can keep all my hearters and feedback. For cripes sake, it's taken 2+ yrs to get to 380 hearters. I would cry my heart out if I had to abandon them all...but I could...if I should. Should I?

Post Picture:Newest bracelet at elpy. I'm calling it Strauss, like the jeans but not as obvious, because the bead is denim lapis and it just looks tough, like jeans...rugged. The picture is clickable.