[elle] and August

Today starts the longest month of the year. Sure there are other months with 31 days, but August always seems to take a longer time. July flies by and I anticipate September...just a peek into my head.

Sent those scraps off to be buttonized. I've fallen for pinbacks, just like I've fallen for chain. Plus my plaid scraps were too nice to just be thrown away. No only specks remain of those shirts. :)

I want to work on ornament designs this month. I already have one, a sort of carry-over from last year. I came up with the idea to re-introduce ornaments to my shop late last year. Since I'm doing shows this year, and just generally trying harder to make elpy successful, I want to have more and the only way to do that is to start working earlier.

Also I want to add photo cards to rJax and add more supplies to elpy [Closet]. I must ramp up work on my off-Etsy site. It will probably still point back to Etsy for sales, but I want a web presence independent of...everything, make use of my domain. Maybe one of my lists is in order...I do better with a list.

Post Picture:New necklace! Elle has been added to my shop. It's part of the Minta Collection. There is more to the Elle subset of Minta, must get photographed, etc. I really like the pictures for that necklace though. I always like when very little editing has to be done. :)