Now 2.28

Today, I really started the process to get my driver's license. I have to take an 8-hour course on safe driving first. Used to be that only teenagers had to take it but they reworked that law. At first I was uber-miffed, didn't want to have to pay for a class that wasn't going to teach me anything I didn't already know. (perhaps a little prideful, there, aye?)

Walking up to class I wondered why I had so easily embraced this change. I want to get my license before my b-day (in April). But I'd had other goals that I've not accomplished, that I've ignored and watched the due date creep closer and closer and then disappear into history.

Realized that life is the unexpected. Unexpected change, unexpected opportunities, unexpected friends, unexpected enemies. Gotta find a way to cope...but mostly you just have to go with it.

I do hope that this isn't my 'conquer-the-world' moment for the year, though. Will try to keep this ball rollin'.

Post Picture: A sort of faux macro. It's a macro but not taken with a macro lens. It's part of an earring, a Helix earring. New ones are coming. :)


ThisNext- oktak

oktak :: frame purse - pastel poppies on natural

The first purse I had as a little girl was a frame purse with that snap/click closure. It was white patent leather...an Easter/birthday gift from one of my aunts. I adored it.

Recently I found Oktak handbags. She's on Etsy, too. Most of her handbags are framed, similarly to the one I used to have. Her fabrics are lovely and her designs very fashionable. This style is one of my favorites. I want one. It's a mini-tote with the little snap/click closure thing that I heart. The print of this one is perfect for spring...which is rumored to be around the corner.


Weekend Blurble- Whew!

This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind, and today continued the goodness, some of which can't be shared yet. (secrets!) Soon, very soon.

The Paper N Stitch exhibition opened its new selection of sellers. This month I'm in it. I hope you'll stop by and check it out. The whole exhibit is packed with very talented designers. I'm so happy to be a part of it.

Came upon a snag in the quest to become a licensed driver. But today I fixed it. It'll still cost me about $125, but it's so nice when mountains become mole hills...to turn a phrase.

I had finished up several pairs of Acutes. Today, I photographed three pair. New camera lets me get carried away with photographing items...then I have a gazillion to look through and edit. I've already taken over 8000 pics all told, and I just got the camera late December.

Applied for a job working with/for the census. I'm not exactly sure when that would start. Still, it's a step.

Post Picture: Click it! :)



Originally uploaded by becca.elpy
new camera
rephoto time

some of the magnets
new and old
from today's shoot
324 pics strong.



A handmade gift for a family friend. Hope she likes it.


Woven Goodness

potholders @ elpy

The remaining potholder sets are now listed at the Closet. (click the picture to see them) I like the pictures of them so much, I may make more...I may not. Potholders gave me my creative start.

Post Picture: My favorite set, Contrary.


ThisNext- Cupcake.Perfection from Sprinkles

along the way- cupcake.perfection

One of the treats in my ThisNext maven pack this year. These were easy to make and super-delicious. Really, it would be hard to guess these came from a mix...and I'm not even a chocolate fan. *dodges shoes* Shared them with the fam (a little begrudgingly)...rave reviews all around.

The little dot on top, their trademark sprinkles wasn't very tasty though, but for aesthetic purposes it was modern and cute.

I want to try their other flavors.

Available at Williams Sonoma.
Or you can order already made cupcakes from the bakery.

Post Picture: Mine! Love my new camera.


Weekend Blurble- Take 8342

I watched X-men 3 last night. We usually catch blockbuster movies after they've left theaters, which they often do unreasonably quick in CT, and worked their way to the library as a DVD. Personally, I think that the producers would have made X-men sans dialogue entirely, just had some stop-action shots occasionally with quote bubbles...like a comic book, then gone back to the exploding this and levitating that...if they thought the idea would fly with audiences. (pun entirely intended)

Over the last few days we've also seen Antwone Fisher, Dreamgirls, Glory and something else that I don't remember. I'm almost movie'd out.

The title does have a certain significance. hehe. I love numbers. Leave a comment if you think you know what it is.

Post Picture: Not Mine.


By Its Cover- The Wasp Eater

By Its Cover is my completely independent book review column. Selections are made based entirely on the book's cover. I'm testing the old saying in my quest to find new authors.

Title: The Wasp Eater
Author: William Lychack

I chose a smaller book this time, simul-reading this with The Godfather, not sure I'd be able to finish both in the loan time.

The story tracks that of a young boy and his parents after his mother finds out his father cheated on her. She throws him out the house. The remainder of the book has the boy feeling torn between the adults, wanting them back together, wanting to be with one or the other and feeling guilty.

For as simply told as The Godfather was, this was far more lyrical. It seems to skip along like a rock on a pond, dipping into feelings and the scenery of the moment before sailing off again. In those contact points it was brilliant. The cover said it 'is at one time lucid and dream-like'. But it's confusing, how it would jump between thought sequences, the future and reality...which was really happening?

The father as the best drawn character. I felt sorry for him, rough and tumble guy who appeared to momentarily lose his way. I really wanted him to get his family back. I wanted his wife to forgive him.

There also felt like there were things left unsaid in hopes that the reader would infer them. It didn't really work. There was just too much missing...or it was too short, too conflicted to feel real.


ThisNext- The English Language

The English Language � Creativadoration

Originally, I saw this on etsypal, Neawear's blog, Creativadoration. I thought it was cool...and true. The English language is kinda bland in terms of different characters. Makes me want to learn Cyrillic.

By Michael Ciancio
It's on sale, now (via Michael Ciancio)


Zephyr- The Closet

Adding things to the Closet. I had been neglecting it, I must say. I'm back now with a pretty big box of bits to photograph and list.



Weekend Blurble- Config

i had been
in a near panic trying
to figure out how to package these

i bought some clear boxes but
they were far too big
the search for smaller ones
yielded one set
of 288!

these sold and had to be sent so
i wrapped them up
with a bit of yarn
from knittydirtygirl

i like it.


Bits and Pieces and Code

Got my hair cut. It looks the same it did when I was 18. I didn't really like it then. I'm swearing off haircuts for a while. Can't seem to get one I like...or the one I want.

An addendum to [bit1]...I'm partially to blame for this, though. I cut my own hair, in a fit of passive-aggressive rebellion. Messed it up. So this was a 'rescue' cut.

I ran out of the 'vintage' splatter paint stationery that was my aunt's, that I wrote notes on to include with packages. Started looking for new paper, ideally a notepad that I could have customized to include my URL and the color bar part of my logo. So far, I've only found place that require 10 pad purchase= $100s. Except Vistaprint, but I've had conflicting reviews from them.

I love Life. Yep, yep.

[code and Post Picture:] I've started DIY-ing a website for myself. Coding it, because WYSIWYGs intimidate me. The picture is a mockup I did in Photoshop. What I actually have so far is a bit different...it's really different when I test it in IE.

See, I have no formal knowledge of XHTML or CSS. I'm reading and implementing as I go along. It's a mentally stimulating, but it's also frustrating and exhausting. I should probably hand off this project, I have oodles of others that I'm neglecting to try to get this done. But I want to do it myself. Maybe I can figure out some half-and-half...you code the template, I'll add the info kinda thing. I'd be up for that.


By Its Cover- Scoop- Pt. 2

By Its Cover is my completely independent 2-part book review column. Selections are made based entirely on the book's cover. I'm testing the old saying in my quest to find new authors.

Title: Scoop
Author: Rene Gutteridge

Part One

I liked this. Perhaps it appealed to me because of my generally conservative background. It was quirky and funny and made me think. Which is what a good book should do.

It takes place in a news station. So there are all the social politics, (and other tics), strained relationships, work friends, etc. The lead anchor has a bad run in with Botox and goes missing. A series of other seemingly unconnected mishaps lead to a fairly interesting conclusion. It's a sort of quiet book. A beach read. (Shouldn't mention beaches now. It's freezing in CT.)

Thinking about changing up the format of BIC, only doing the review portion. Next book will be The Wasp Eater.


[curve demi]

custom- [curve demi]
Originally uploaded by becca.elpy
I looked over my inventory and realized I have about a dozen pairs of earrings that have listed, but that aren't in actual existence. Need to get some of them started. I also need to buy more earwires.

Post Picture: Custom Curvature Demi earrings for a friend of my mom's.


Giveaway- We Have a Winner!

What do referees, killer whales and old TVs have in common?

Correct answer:
They are/wear/show black and white.

Twelve of the thirteen entrants got the answer. The winner of the Fill In the Bubble Giveaway is Britt! Congratulations! I will be contacting all contest entrants today.