Oh me, oh my

I got my 30th and 31st sales today. I'm so happy. I didn't know when it was going to come. Trying to stay hopeful in a sales drought is hard. It's a great way to start a month, especially December. They were item sales too, not just supplies. Looking at my sales I just realized I hadn't had an item sale since July. I really hope it continues. Eep! I also hope it never gets to be so business-y that I stop being joyful when I get a sale or accomplish something. Maybe not every sale, but milestone ones.

The paper that I have with my list of ideas just keeps getting longer. I'm loving this right now. I'm seeing how much creating means to me. I want to keep getting better.

There are no pictures involved with this post because I'm using my dad's PC, which isn't on the same network. Ah, well. You can see pics on Flickr if you would like.