Weekend Blurble- [tomne]

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This Monday has started off nicely. I -posted on Sweet Figments. I signed myself up as guest writer. Today I featured clocks.

Today, I'm also featured on the Etsy Spolight On blog. It's an interview post. I think I sound confident, more than I have. I'm also having a sale associated with that post. Do read it and find out.

The Olympics are over. I watched pieces of the closing ceremony. I don't think I like the closing ceremony, like ever, as much as the opening. The opening is more a grand welcome. The closing more a grand party, that's slightly confusing and this year, felt very long. The opening was so concise and well-thought out. I was riveted. The closing lost me shortly after the athletes came in. Though the London bit, prior to Leona Lewis twirling out of the bus, was pretty interesting.

I hope to get some sewing and wood-cutting done today. I also must go to the Post Office. I have trades to mail.

Post Picture: The tomne bracelet. I made a necklace like this as well. I have an idea for earrings. I seem to be consumed with making sets. Getting a color scheme, however basic and running with it.