Sales are the greatest

Acrylic Bead Assortment Tangent in Purple- Macrame Earrings with Shell and Aventurine Accents

I sold both of the those on the 5th. That was exciting. First earring sale! I hope she likes them. I have to mail them today. Now I'm up to 15 sales.

I also finished the blog feature questions and emailed them. That had been a goal for this week...or maybe last week. I don't think I have any for this week. I need to list the red Curvatures. I want to at least.

I have a growing list of wants, things, mostly supplies, that I want to buy. Man 'I' is in this post alot. Grr...it makes me sound so me-centric. But making is fun again. It's best when it's not like work.