My brain is so tired when I come home from work. The job isn't bad. I sit down a lot, a change from the last job I had where I stood up a lot. It's workin' with tax but in a tedious way that may become automated in a few years. I hope I haven't said too much. They have so many stipulations and particular-ities. (?) It's not bad money, though.

So I'm alive. Been doin' a bad job with the shop. I was getting good. Time management isn't my strong point. After 4pm when I get off, I want to just to sleep. I'll try to do better, make the most of this opportunity. It's not bad. It's really not.

I am still working on ideas, but that seems to be all I can muster. I'm even sketching, which is largely unheard of. It takes me a looooong time to unwind. Many kudos, to those who do it all.