wb- obit

Somewhere between Friday night and Saturday morning our faithful tube TV died. It was 13 years old. As a result I actually got some more things done.

Today is the start of school! Yes, I'm freaking out. I have been freaking out for the last few days. My classes are on Tuesdays and Thursday so I don't really start until tomorrow. I'll be at school all day on Tuesdays because of the messed up public transit system here and because I scheduled myself a night class. I wanted to take either English or Math this semester. Math was full, so...it's as 7-9:50pm class for me. It's only once a week.

Post Picture: The new little Dots earrings I made for one of the sampler boxes. Most of them will also appear in the shop throughout the week.


days to go

Had orientation for school yesterday. It was interesting.

  • The campus tour was very helpful. Got myself back to B-wing of the LRC building by myself. :)

  • The Monster.com spokeswoman was caffienated. Note to her, nix the techno music in your presentation. *ears bleeding*

  • The student senate president's speech reminded me of Dwight's speech in one episode of The Office

  • There is always a goofball, attention-getting guy isn't there? And he always sits next to me.

  • One of the student resources guys sounded exactly like Kermit the Frog. Realization of this courtesy of aforementioned goofball. I was thinking an grown up Ernie

  • There are also always the beautiful popular girls with the enviable pristine appearance.

  • S is pregnant. T doesn't want it. S will probably keep it to stay connected to T, her parents will make him help. (gossip about strangers courtesy of the aforementioned popular girls next to me)

  • The pizza wasn't good. Glad I had snacks.

  • It was a beautiful day!

Post Picture: A cup full of smiles. The result of my week-long burning session. They will be samples.


zephyr- dinner

Yesterday I made mac and cheese for dinner. We make it from scratch, shredding the cheese and blending the sauce. The problem: we're a cheese loving family and eat a lot of the shredded cheese before the sauce is made. To quell my insatiable gnoshing, I gave myself a little bowl and saved the rest for the meal, with great success.

It was yummy. :)


thisnext:: chakrapennywhistle

chakrapennywhistle:: Moneybag Wallet - US MINT DIMES

Charming! An old money bag made into a wallet. Eco-chic and sturdy. It just makes sense. :D

From Chakra Penny Whistle

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wb- lead on

I'd gotten a custom request about a week ago to make a fanny pack/bum bag based on my wristlet design. Thrilled, I brought out my fabrics and got to work. That was my project for the weekend and...I finished it! It's very much like the Westies, but about an inch wider with darts to make it a bit more pouch-y. I hope she likes it. I'd take a picture of me wearing it...but she's a tiny person. I gave it about 6 inches of play in the strap and it still doesn't really fit me. hehe.

I'm also going to be contributing some small things to Little Black Boxes next month and hopefully the Sampler in October. Really had slacked this year in regards to elpy, taking more time to do some 'self development'. I'm trying to gear up for the holidays...I have hope.

Also, check out this stop-motion video my littlest brother made. (I say littlest, but he's a teenager and taller than me.) Dear bro2, aspiring movie-maker methinks.

Hope you had a great weekend!



This is my 500th post here. In case the title didn't give that away. I can't believe I've been doing this for that long. Couldn't decide if I should go fun or nostalgic with this post...which seems just a little more epic than previous 100s. I mean, that's halfway to 1000.

I love my blog. Is that narcissistic? I mean I love being able to go back and read past entries...and really feel like I'm going back, because, hey! I remember posting that. Sometimes I smile. Sometimes I get a little sad. Lots of ups and downs chronicled here. Fun things and serious changes. (Did you notice the layout is different? Slowly hacking the blogger code. Not done yet.)

Guess I'm going nostalgic. Hehe. This is my fave post all time, about ketchup and insomnia.

To another 500!

Post Picture: My self-portrait yesterday...for the Flickr group.


ThisNext:: studioerinzam

Studioerinzam:: I See You - Original Painting

I happened upon this new shop a few days ago. The bold colors and sweet little birdies drew me in. I'm a fan. Are you?

From Studio Erin Zam

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I helped some more people move today. This time a family that we've known for a long. They were only moving up the street and no dumbwaiter was involved. Seriously, that dumbwaiter is/was a fire hazard.

First, next time I'm asked to help someone move I want to more specifics. Moving is crazy difficult...lots of steps. Am I helping pack boxes? Put the boxes in the moving van? Unloading the moving van? Will there be food? Are you paying me? teehee.

This time was rather mind-boggling. Maybe because unlike the other two times, it involved 5 present family members and 1-3 absent ones. (college, etc.) There was a gaggle of helpers. All with a gazillion questions. And lots of piles of stuff. Lots. They wanted to get it all done today. That wasn't happening.

Helping them made me realize...we, as a country, save/have a lot of stuff. I want to cut down on how much stuff I have. If I have to move tomorrow, I want to be able to pack...and know that everything I have will be used in whereever I'm going.

I'd been allowing my belongings to float around, accumulate and pile up in a fit of passive rebellion. I didn't want to be my mother, the near-epitome of organization. The lady can whip up a chart at the drop of a hat. It was a adolescent thing that I clung to for too long. I called it organized chaos...to be polite. No more. I'm cleaning up and cleaning out. Letting go is hard of stuff is hard sometimes. But it feels good to put things in piles to be listed on eBay (can't be Etsy'd...not vintage) or donated, or just trashed/recycled.

Changing...ever changing. And learning.

Post Picture: Scraps from work on my project. Loverly, no?


wb- finito!

My secret project is done!

I may post more in detail the different steps involved in creating this little 30-second piece. I'd done some backstage work in theater, so I had a clue about how much work goes into making a production. It turned out to be a tiny clue.

Each set piece was designed and created by me, inspired by various Etsy friends. I wanted to give up several times. I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, I giggled and laughed...and sweated. (Studio lights, even for something this small, are still really hot?) I learned a lot, I pushed myself and now, I'm pretty proud.

Watch it and enjoy! You can leave a comment here or on this blog entry, if you so desire.

ThisNext:: ModCloth

ModCloth:: Living on a Prayer Earrings

Oh, how funky glam! Most 80s fashion rather horrifies me, but these jewels, inspired by that time, are so cool.

from modcloth, my new hang-up.

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Still trying to think of a name for this. I like helping people, so I post sales from Etsy folks and other smaller companies as I find them.

Sample Sale at Prismera- August 2nd- 8th. Some of designer Laura Su's gorgeous jewelry up to 80% off with some further discounts on orders over $20.

Anniversary Sale at Mirieo- August 5th-9th. Come celebrate Mireio's one year anniversary. Browse her selection of travel pillows, sachets, candles, paper goods, and vintage items- all 20% off.

Back to School Sale on Threadless- Thru August 17th. Threadless is my new hang up. Goodness, their tees are super-comfy. All on sale starting at just $8.


ThisNext:: KatyScudieri

KatyScudieri:: Thinking Necklace

I love this because I'm always thinking. Always. A fact you may well know if you're a frequenter of this blog, hehe.

From katyscudieri.

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wb- phase three

Phase two has been completed mostly. I have tons of pictures from that...because that was phase two was. Now comes phase three. Hopefully, I'll be able to share my project with you at the end of the week...that will be phase four.

Because of that hope/goal, a set of church events this weekend, and because of the other big news: I'M GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!!! (provided my old pediatrician has proof I've had all my shots)- I won't be on Twitter much. But I'll post here, and Flickr and Etsy. This week will be crazy busy.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Here's to a crazy busy week!

Post Picture: One of the last shots of phase two...that I could share. Tripods are very handy items. So are parents. hehe