My qoop order came today. Very pleased. Though it probably shouldn't have it has inspired me to make my second Etsy name, rjax into a shop. I admit to being an amateur, maybe I shouldn't. I admit to having an extremely fickle camera, though, again maybe I shouldn't. I don't think of them as 'fine' art. But if you like them, I'm happy.

It's an experiment. I can be a little more lax with this shop. (it hasn't officially opened yet. Play around more. There will be other paper goods, too. Maybe I'll get a gocco. My hobby is creating, just like my business is.

Post Picture: [bastion] I call it. A pic I took last year in May. One of the prints from my qoop order.


TV Aside- 5.30

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

So I watch Lost like some millions of others. Yesterday was the finale of Season 4 here in the US. I think it was the best 2 hours of Lost ever. Not the best two of television ever, or the best two hours of drama-related programming...just the best two hours of Lost.

I'm not a 'Lostie' or whatever the uber-fans of the show call themselves. I don't read forums or spend hours thinking about the missing clues. I take it as its written, interpretation was never my forte, and am slowly becoming convinced that this show may go down as a media farce along the line of Y2K...only worse. But they redeemed themselves for a few minutes when they reunited Desmond and Penny in what might be the most anticipated moment in TV history. We only waited four years. It was cheer-worthy.

There was an exceptional fight scene, too. Best I've seen on TV or the movies in my opinion. Bro2 agreed with me...or I agreed with him. And of course there were loose ends galore and whatnot. Death, sacrifice, lapses in judgement, not many answers. But for that brief moment, it was good...very good. Thank you, writers!

Post Picture: Photo credit of ABC.


Feature 5.28- thetinies

A dearly beloved Etsyan has started a new shop called thetinies. It's almost sinful how cute they are. I can't wait to see what other ones she makes. I also can't wait to get my pair, the ones in the picture. I could have faved them. But it seems when I fave things they sell quicker and I wanted them for my own, my precious. (Just watched LOTR last night)

I think this is only my second feature. You can check my click the 'feature' label at the bottom of this post. But I felt I had to. They're just too delectably cute. But you'll have to get your own.

Post Picture: MINE! Soon anyway. Photo credit thetinies.



I'm not sure why, but I'm dead tired when I wake up. It's like I didn't sleep at all. Very odd.

We're going to the movies today. A theater that closed and then re-opened has a 'matinee-price-all-day' thing on Tuesdays. The choice is between Iron Man and the new Narnia. I think we're leaning Iron Man.

I've done some offloading on eBay. Searched for supplies and didn't get the D-SLR that I thought would be mine. Not that I actually tried...just admired from a far. It was a nice camera, for what I know of them. One day...

Got my Metalliferous order, too. Chain tags and earwires. I hope they put all their stuff in their online store. It's so easy. I could get addicted to buying online.

Post Picture: Taken by me in April '08. I thought it was cool how the moon looked like a button.


Now 5.26

Where have all the blog commenters gone? Perhaps it's selfish to ask. But I used to get about 2 comments a day and don't get any now, so I'm just wondering...

I try to reserve 'Now' for big revelations or milestones, at least I shall from now on.

I found out an old classmate of mine is pregnant. We've lived in the same town for the last 15 years so we run into acquaintances from times gone by occasionally. We (Mom Bro2 and I) ran into the father of that classmate today. It threw me. Not in a judging way, I don't think. I just didn't think she would, now. Younger girls get pregnant, I know. It's just...I don't know. At it brings back the fact that we aren't kids anymore...that we've grown up. I couldn't imagine myself with a baby...maybe because I'm so unbelievably single. Ha!

I'm not sure I should bring my eBay 'life' into my elpy 'life' but I have 5 watchers on the fondue fountain. I'm very excited about this. I've tried selling it more than once since we got it. Don't give someone a fondue fountain unless you know they like/want one. C'mon. A toaster anyone can use...unless you're on a low-carb thing I guess. But if it's an oven...anyway, a fondue fountain has only one purpose. Thanks, anyway. :) (Do I sound ungrateful? I'm not really...I loved the thought behind it.)

Post Picture: Ironically, taken last year...not now. Out of the car window. I miss that car.


Blurble 5.25

So I rushed to get on the computer after whatever sordid show I was watching went off. I think it was a rerun of Brothers and Sisters. I was the 'scandalous' stuff when I'm alone. Anyway, I wanted to wish 'Happy Birthday' to a friend on Facebook. Turns out her birthday is tomorrow...which at the moment is a stunning 15+ minutes.

I sat in the redecorated sunroom (it's sounds more glorious than it is) suffocating in the smell of new and thought I'd post a little something.

I'm stalking some things on eBay. They call it 'watching'...sounds less threatening again. But really, "I'm stalking you." "I'm watching you." Watching sounds more ominous and nebulous. Oy! See what happens to my mind in the later hours. Anyway, if you're interested, I think have a camera, a mannequin, a flexshaft and some jewelry-making supplies on my list. I stalk a lot with no intent of buying. Or very little.

Made the most scrumptious mac and cheese for dinner for the fam and I today. Yum! I love mac and cheese. (Technically it had rotini in it, too.)

Watched off-road racing on TV with the boys (Bro1&2 and Dad). It was actually a good race complete with the come-from-behind at the very last second...at the least turn, victory. Rather thrilling.

I think I like blogging at night when I'm almost exhausted out of my mind. I'm truer to my own voice then and don't try to write like what I've read or think people want to hear. It's just me, scribbling with the keyboard.

Good night and Happy Memorial Day! Er, do we say that?

Post Picture: Lover-ly pic from last year of some flowering and leafy branches. We had to get a new printer. It's supposed to be good at printing pics. I'll have to test it out, if only for my own enjoyment. Have a few nice ones I want to put in my room.



We just might have a little inter-neighbor battle going on. Actually, I'm pretty sure of it. It's interesting. There's a young-ish boy stuck in the middle. I pity him.

Anyway, I bought LOS (liver of sulphur) today. I go back and forth, not wanting to over-pay at all. But money must be spent, right? I tell myself that one day I will have enough to buy want I need and not worry about. One day. So I'm one step closer to earring goodness of a different kind. I hope it works. I really do. I think it will be cool in a geeky-chic way.

Short post today. You're happy, right?

Post Picture: Magnets made recently. Picture is clickable.



SPT 5.22- 1850
Originally uploaded by lpdesigns
Well, there it is folks. My SAT score. I did better than average. Average is 1500. I'm warming to it. I had hoped for higher. If I could only take the math sections again...

Didn't finish everything on my list yesterday but I did more than half.

I think I'm too hard on myself, an all-or-nothing mentality is fine in it's place, but it doesn't work all the time. Sometimes less than what you really want is okay. *learning to deal*



I've been making up tasks lists for myself on the backs of old pieces of paper and taping them, at eye level, to my bedroom door. I know there are things I should do everyday but when they're just floating around in my head, I forget or feel okay ignoring them.

Yesterday, I finished them all! :D This is a step up from the beginning of the month when I would finish only 2 out of 11 or so. *dances* And today, once I've posted this, I'll have done 6 out of 14 or so. Perhaps I shouldn't glory myself too much, but it's an accomplishment and I'm very happy with myself.

I'm going to cut out a lot of wristlet pieces, the outer part. I'm running out of lining (old shirts). I could scrounge around some more. I have three 'new' colors. I've always had access to them, but I
just didn't cut them. And I have a few new ideas for magnets. Shall see. I should also try to start writing shorter posts.

Post Picture: Box Top Photography- a tiny maple spawn 'helicopter'. I'm playing with Photoshop Elements. Desaturation at work here. And jonesin' for a D-SLR with a macro lens.


Now 5.20

I'm about halfway through my list of to-do's for the day. Threw in a couple extra. It helps me to keep track of what I've done and forces me to want to do. I don't like feeling like I'm wasting time...though I do enjoy surfing the Internet mindlessly.

I signed up on Seeking Designers. They emailed me first! O.o. Perhaps, I shouldn't show such shock. I guess I have been emailed before about my shop, but one turned out to be a scam and the other waaaay outside of my current price range. I asked more questions and will give it a shot.

Listed Sumeria and the alphanumeric magnets today. Listing always makes me feel so accomplished...provided the pics look nice.

I'm get dirty looks from my family again, okay not really. But I stay on the computer a lot, editing pics, emailing, listing. Now, my mom's found all this stuff she wants listed on eBay and I'm the only who knows how to list there. (if you're looking for a chocolate fondue fountain let me know.) I'm in between wanting a laptop or a D-SLR. I don't have the money for both. It's not my fault I need the computer or my fault that we only have 1. :/

Post Picture: It is the bud of an alium plant in my front yard. (Thanks to the Etsyans on forums for sharing their knowledge...I didn't know what it was before last night.) Here's what it look like in bloom.

Guess if I were to get psychological I'd say I chose this pic because new things are about to bloom. I try the therapist thing. :P



Do I have anything to say? Not really. But I had a list of things to do today and blogging was on it. Since I do actually like to blog and am doing it now to avoid the other things on the list, I should have saved it for later.

I'm reading this book and watching this movie on Youtube. The book isn't bad. It's got some LOL moments, a sort of romantic comedy in prose. When I think for myself and not what my mother would think of it, I like it even more. (We used to read books together, so I look for ones she might like.)

The movie, which I think I'm watching illegally, is a version of Sense and Sensibility, probably my favorite Jane Austen. But after seeing the latest BBC version this seems a cold rendition. There was more feeling in the BBC version and for some reason I don't like Hugh Grant or Alan Rickman...in anything. Kate Winslet is too old, I think, to be playing Marianne. Far-too much shrieking voices, over-played tittering.

So I'm off. Hope to list some things around. Trying to work harder on promoting and have an invitation to be in an indie business directory. *oooo* To work!

Post Picture: Bells that I destashed that I must now ship to France. For some reason, sending jingle bells to France just sounds to merry. I love online selling.


Finding Me 5.15 - [sumeria]

I go on creative kicks and just want to stay locked in my room, eschewing all else, to just churn out piece after piece. Of course, that can't happen.

I'm learning not to be so 'predictable' with my work. At the moment I'm not sure that's the right word. I cram myself in a box, this is the way it has to be. I'm learning to 'introduce elements of the unexpected'. (that's from a Jane Austen movie) Give into ideas I think will be boring. Rarely does a design stay the same from ideation to completion. And boring in my mind, isn't necessarily boring to someone else. There's nothing wrong with simple, not everything has to be elaborate and take days to complete. I'm learning, this process within a process. Growing up, becoming me. I'll get there.

Also, if you see a darkly colored wooden frame that is square please let me know. I bought a print ages ago from mlee and didn't frame it for a variety of reasons. I got a quote today of $130+, just for the frame. Uh, yeah. I tried eBay...almost nothing. I'll keep looking.

Post Picture: Me wearing my latest necklace-y creation. Will probably come to the shop on a made-to-order basis in the coming days.



I'm learning to go with the flow of design. This necklace changed several times during 'construction'. The rings were too big, the weave too loose, the chain too big. Instead of giving up, as is my wont in other areas, I persisted. Then, as often happens with me, this flashed in my mind. I found and bought the oval beads. They arrived lickety-split. Suddenly, I'd made a necklace.

This matches the Convex earrings. It's industrial, the jumprings in the double spiral weave are stainless steel, but sophisticated, too, methinks. And it's asymmetric which is a huge favorite of mine.

I got an answer to a long answered question yesterday. Again, by chance, in a sort of tumbled-together way. It's beautiful. And, perhaps foolishly, it gives me hope.

Post Picture: Me, with the help of Photoshop Elements, modeling the Convex necklace.


Twitter in Plain English

Because I'm just no good at explaining things sometimes.


Because I haveTwitter on the brain, only short random tweet-esque lines. Hopefully, regular blogging will resume momentarily.

In the opening paragraph I was going to type 'random short tweet-esque...' but it didn't read right to me. Any clue why?

What's with the buffalo in my dreams? Do recurring animals means something?

I'm tired of trying hard for nothing.

Attempting to set goals for the day, failing miserably. Even when I only put a few things on the list. Than I feel bad because I can see the tasks I'm avoiding instead of them just being nebulous and in my mind.

Firmly believe 'ness' can be added to just about any word.

What is it that makes for awkward pauses, pauses, and laughter when parents or like-aged people use slang? Don't they get that some things they just shouldn't say?

Why does he ignore me? Why?

It's crazy how many beads and things I've bought in the last month. Geez! Need to start using them. (refer to post picture, I hope to upload it to Flickr soon with notes.)

Cranford is incredibly sad. It needs to overplay for humor because the somber/serious parts are near morbid. Stop with the death already!

I love brownie sundaes.

If talking about a problem gets you upset and not talking about it makes you want to talk about it...what is your REAL problem?



Originally uploaded by lpdesigns
I'm so complex...and that's as far as I'm going with that.

I got my jumprings, the stainless ones I've been jonesin' for for a loooong time. (when you're unemployed for a long time, wants get sacrificed for the sake of needs) I'm slowly making progress with it. I'm not sure I'll list it because I'm not sure how well I like it. Someone needs to tell newbie chainmaille-ers that at the beginning the chain will look like crap but that doesn't mean you've messed up. Just keep going. We shall see.

I returned one strand of 12mm aventurine and bought another. Still not exactly the same color but way closer than the other ones I bought. Much happier...I almost skipped out of the store.

Have another new idea. Not exactly sure how to make it, but it'll come to me. Always does. Just hope I can do it justice. So new things will be coming soon.

Post Picture: Rolls I made, completely from scratch with the help of our bread machine. They're gone, now. Rolls don't last long in my house. So nummy!



I feel again, like I'm standing at some strange crossroads of life. Found another old classmate on Facebook. While this 'find' doesn't throw me into the chaos the previous one did, it does give me pause. We're not kids anymore.

I keep meeting new people as leave behind one place and go to another. It's amazing how I've never left the state yet I rarely run into people I once knew after I've left that 'circle'.

But I can't help but wonder what happened to the people I've known, the kids I went to school with, back when I went to school. (was homeschooled from 5th grade on) In that time, with the advent of Facebook and email and other social media sites it's easier to stay in touch. But about 4/5 crucial years were missed with me and them. When email was too new and Facebook didn't exist. So what do I do?

I'm more curious than anything. What have they been up to? More than me no doubt. How they've grown up without me just like I've grown up without them. Something particularly entrancing about childhood friends. I seem to have lost all of mine. It makes me sad.


Blurble 5.02

SPT- 5.01- No More
Originally uploaded by lpdesigns
So, it's May. New month.

It's amazing how easily I slipped right back into my pre-job life. Staying up late, staying on the computer too long, accomplishing zilch. haha. I don't know. It's strange.

I bought some 12mm aventurine beads but have decided, through much deliberation to return them. They're the wrong color, too murky and not minty. Some things can't be bought online. This may be one of them. I don't WANT to be $16 for a strand, retail price at the stores around here. I need these beads.

SAT tomorrow! If I think about it, I could freak myself out, so I don't think about it. I've studied and I'm confident I'll do well in everything except some of the math because I just don't think math-wise. Words and language are my thing. *sigh* We shall see.

Post Picture:Me. My self portrait from yesterday. I put a lot of pressure on myself to be a create brilliance. I can't live with that pressure anymore though. It's wearing me out.