Bits and Pieces and Code

Got my hair cut. It looks the same it did when I was 18. I didn't really like it then. I'm swearing off haircuts for a while. Can't seem to get one I like...or the one I want.

An addendum to [bit1]...I'm partially to blame for this, though. I cut my own hair, in a fit of passive-aggressive rebellion. Messed it up. So this was a 'rescue' cut.

I ran out of the 'vintage' splatter paint stationery that was my aunt's, that I wrote notes on to include with packages. Started looking for new paper, ideally a notepad that I could have customized to include my URL and the color bar part of my logo. So far, I've only found place that require 10 pad purchase= $100s. Except Vistaprint, but I've had conflicting reviews from them.

I love Life. Yep, yep.

[code and Post Picture:] I've started DIY-ing a website for myself. Coding it, because WYSIWYGs intimidate me. The picture is a mockup I did in Photoshop. What I actually have so far is a bit different...it's really different when I test it in IE.

See, I have no formal knowledge of XHTML or CSS. I'm reading and implementing as I go along. It's a mentally stimulating, but it's also frustrating and exhausting. I should probably hand off this project, I have oodles of others that I'm neglecting to try to get this done. But I want to do it myself. Maybe I can figure out some half-and-half...you code the template, I'll add the info kinda thing. I'd be up for that.