A friend of my mom's asked me to make some earrings for her. She really liked the Curvatures (they get raves wherever they go), but doesn't wear big earrings. Curvatures are about 3" long. So I played with ratios and came up with tiny ones. They still might be too big for my mom's friend, but they're cute. It's a project I've been meaning to do for a while. So I'm glad she asked me.



I have ton of things to do in the preparation for my show next month on the 11th. I'm not sure how much to make or to bring. I tried to get a Propay account so I could take credit cards, so far no dice.

Today was also my interview with the Hartford Courant. Very exciting. I think it went well. Now I must hope that the article will be a go. It would be published in November, right before the Made For You show.

Writing of Made for You the post picture today is my ad for their playbill/lookbook. I'm pretty pleased with it. I think it will help in my effort to design a site for myself. I like the crisscrossing lines in particularly, being a fan of most things plaid.

Busy today, production on items to sell and items to use as displays. And warding off rain. No rain today, please. Please?


Breathe 9.27

They want to put me in an article!

Last night I got an email from a free-lance writer who's putting together an article for the largest newspaper in my state. I proceeded to giggle like mad. Had to take a pic to capture the moment. So the above is my PC (as in computer) attempt at Photobooth.

Also, a lady at the farmer's market on Thursday was commenting on my photography and asked if I'd ever done portraits. I said, 'no'. Thinking about it, I did take the pic for the invites my mom had to make, but that wasn't really a portrait. Anyway, she said I should try. She wants me to take some pictures of her daughters and two dogs. I'm super-pensive because my camera is on the down...slope/grade...it's dying slowly and because I've never done portraits.

So, I'm floored all around. It's amazing how things have turned around for me, in terms of my work, this year. I've been waiting for this, hoping, refusing to give up. Eek!

Post Picture: Me, freaking out. :D


Something new

I'm trying something. I've done to-do lists. Now, it's have-done lists. I read a lot about people with these super-busy lives. Recently things have cranked up for me, but not to the point of theirs. So I feel like I don't do much, like I waste my days.

I'm hoping this will work like a reverse to-do list but still give a sense of accomplishment. I probably won't do it forever. It's sort of training wheels for productivity.

Post Picture: Old list, but it fit for the post. Tinkered with in PSE.


Today in Pictures

Just pictures, today. Will catch up in the coming days. :)



old blog banner

I found out last night that someone has in a way, stolen my identity. I recently changed blog urls. Someone has taken my old url, which in itself is fine, along with some of my old posts and pictures. They have disable comments and added unsavory links to the sidebar. They've kept up links to me other profiles so it looks like it's me. But it's not.

It's not ID theft at its worse. After some research I don't think this was any type of personal attack, apparently other people have had their blogs cloned in this way. But I'm aware it can be damaging to me.

I have contacted blogger and gone through every page I can think of to edit my url to the current one. It makes me angry and sad. I'm hopeful that it will be straightened out.

In more shop/craft related news, the woman loved her earrings. That made me happy. :) It was my only sale at the market today, but that's okay. It was a good way to go out.

Post Picture: My old blog banner. If you find this on a blog, know that it's not me.


Blurble 9.23

So much for attacking my laundry list of things to accomplish head-on. I'm rereading Pride and Prejudice *swoon* and spending time online, catching up. heh

I did finish a pair of custom earrings. They were requested by a lady at one of the farmer's markets. She likes brown and gold and wanted them to be clip-ons. (those were NOT easy to find) I hope she likes these. I like the brown with the gold beads. Reminds me of a candy bar for some reason.

Tried making a banner for my tent/booth. Iron transfers can be iffy and today they didn't work. I have to learn how to not let temporary setbacks in project design make me want to abandon it. I've gotten better over the years with elpy work. It's something to be improved.

TV aside:
Heroes came back last night. Loved it.

Post Picture: The custom earrings. Kinda like that set-up. Natural lighting photos rock!



Temp job is over. They didn't call me back for later this week, which is good because I promised myself to the farmer's markets this week. After this week I will semi-regretfully, have to stop going to both. Too much is going on, craft shows, etc.

I'm trying to get back to my list. I did pretty poorly getting things made and set aside for the show, just 9 sets of magnets. I have such lofty goals, but no plan of action. I'm gonna keep trying, not beat myself up too much, I'm still new to this to a degree.

I have decided to close my rJax shop and reopen it as elpypaper. I think the consistency will be helpful. I'm trying to narrow down my list of online names, especially as pertains to sites where I mention my business. It can get confusing when I'm trying to be clever.

That's it for now. Heroes premieres tonight. Yay!

Post Picture: Flower in my backyard.


Now 9.18

A video that's actually a commercial. The brothers and I find (and watch) a lot of commercials online. Heh. This one is almost too cute.

I'm alive. The job almost over. Yay!



I apologize for my lack of posting. I've been busy with work and prepping for the craft show in Oct and finding something to wear to the quince that I made the favors for. I also have 3 off-Etsy custom requests, one that I've been wrongfully neglecting. Just busy, busy, busy. :)

The super huge awesome news is that in November I'm going to be doing a show in New Jersey. An out-of-state show! I was invited! I found about the show from an Etsyan on Twitter. I added myself to the mailing list with the intention of applying next year since the app deadline had passed for this year and I'm generally still uber-tentative about a lot of show things. The coordinator emailed me late last week saying that one of the vendors had to drop out. She'd looked at my site and liked my items so she wondered if I'd like to take that spot. I said, yes! *gasp*

So I'm very excited. I'm trying to remember not to overlook prepping for October. I'm also going back to the farmer's markets, at least for one more week. With the shows coming, I don't want to have to keep remaking what sells at the markets in addition to making new things to be well-stocked. I don't want to shoot myself in the foot; the Thursday market in particular has been a wonderful thing. Betwixt and between.

I'll try to write more often. I think I needed a break. My stint as guest blogger is over as well. But I liked it. So maybe I'll do features here or find another blog to guest post on. I'm embracing this artist/designer thing a little more everyday. I like it.

Post Picture: Another from my June trip to Boston. I'm tellin' ya, I took about 200 pics.


Photo Cards at rJax

I started making cards. So far, I only have birthday cards in the above design. (Picture is clickable.) I like them. My dad complimented me on them. He usually doesn't know what to say about my work. So that was encouraging.

Work started today. The guy that made it all 'interesting' is back. He fusses with management and mistreats his immediate supervisors and gets in everyone's business. *sigh* I'm gonna try not to sit across from him tomorrow.

The bustle and 'crowds' are a welcome change to the solitude of crafting. Though I prefer solitude, I also like to listen to people, the way they talk and interact. We're an interesting bunch. :)


(insert clever title here)


Work starts tomorrow, the temp job I had in April. I had wanted to get a lot of things made these last 5 days or so for the show in October. I did manage to 'dress up' my $1 business card holder. It suits me.

September is, in its way, powering along. Before I know it it will be Bro1's birthday. He'll be 20. O.o

Post Picture: From our June trip to Boston. This was a potted flower outside of Old North Church.


Lineas 9.06

Random thoughts/happenings from the past few days:

I haven't posted in a while, took a little break. After first I felt guilty not writing, but I think it was for the best.

Have a bridal shower to go to. I'm thinking gift registries are both a good and bad idea. They're better the earlier you use them.

I found brown corduroy! *dances* I need to wash it and should probably go back and buy the bolt, but I want to sew how it sews first. So happy! More wristlets!

Discovered filigree beads. Okay, I've known about them, but was firmly convinced they 'weren't me'. I'm rethinking that stance.

Ordered oodles of new supplies. Oodles compared to what I usually purchase and I still have a few things left on the list.

Craft show in October! I'm hoping so anyway. And it's right in my hometown, a mere 5 minute walk from my house, no lie! Hence the supply binging. Yeah, hence.

Temp job restarts next week. Trying to get as many things done for the fair before then. It's a simple job, but particular and therefore tiring.

So that's about it for now. I'll try to get back into the swing of blogging later next week.

Post Picture: Commission boxed, packaged and tagged. I'm so happy I'm done...and happier that my work was liked.


Weekend Blurble- Happy September


September is one of my fave months. Last September started a change in my life that, well, changed me. I can hardly wait to see what will happen this year.

It has been my most productive season to-date, I think. August, the longest month to me, went swimmingly, all things considered. I finished my commission, packaged, boxed and tagged it. It's been given to the client. She loved them. I'm happy.

This is a sort of sandwich month. I'm prepping for the craft fair in Oct. and riding the wave of creative thought sparked by my summertime success. I'm going back to the temp job I had in April, which will be a good boost. I'll have to work harder now and then to find time to work on elpy when I'm zonked after work. That job is quick and tiring in its meticulous-ness.

I'm daring to think things have a turned a corner. And, to resurrect an old phrase, a phrase from last year, I'm going with it. :)

Post Picture: How one leaves comments in real life. It's from my mom on a small bit of newness that I hope to begin listing soon. The holidays are coming...it's weird to think about Christmas when it's 80 degrees out.