Ctrl + Z- day 7

Ctrl + Z- day 7
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First of all the clarity of this pic is astonishing. (There's a word I haven't used in a while.) Most of the time I want to hurl the dang thing across the room. At those times, as if it senses it, it reaches back and gives me a photo like this.

The title is the hotkey command in most PC programs to undo something. Which I what I did to this.

I didn't make this. It was a gift. I liked it. But chokers always make me feel like, well, I' being choked. I love the beads and the colors, it's kinda ethnic and earthy. My little bit of crafting time today was spent deconstructing it. I'm not sure exactly how it will be remade. It'll probably be a necklace but I'm not sure what. However it will most likely be a piece for me. :)



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The picture above was taken through four pairs of safety glasses. I was being random when I took it, but I kinda liked it. I wear safety glasses everyday as I work on my room. One day, it will all be done and I'll have to move out because I'm 30. That's years away, but still.

I feel like I'm stuck again. In so many ways. I'm tired even after I've slept because all why I'm going to sleep I'm stressing. I worry a lot. I'm going away this weekend. Suddenly I've developed a social life. But after this, I'll be home for a while...until I can convince someone to give me a job. (Through an interview of course...I just hate them.)

I cut 19 pieces for magnets yesterday. I have 16 left to sand. Cutting went lickety-split. I was so happy. Clamps are a great invention. One day, maybe I'll have a real workshop/studio and will look back with wonder on these times. How did I work with that? Because I was young and naive. :P

I may write him today. (Who the 'him' isn't really important. Read back a few entries and you'll kinda know.) It's just an email, right? If he doesn't respond, like he hasn't, then I'll have done what I can.


So. Many. Choices

I want to remake my banner. Yes, again. I really never intended for the one I have now to stay up for as long as it has.

I asked the Etsy forummers for a font site because I had an idea of the font I wanted to use but it wasn't in Word, Printmaster or PSE. I got a really cool one, dafont. Now I'm not sure which I want to use. Maybe I like 'elpy' in caps. In some of the fonts it looks nices that way. Other fonts I prefer it in lowercase. I shall have to decide, hopefully this week.

If you want to see some of the fonts I'm pondering click here

TV aside:
I loved Heroes yesterday. I'm so glad it's back.


It's official

I seriously hate selling on Amazon.

We're book people. We have too many. I'm the designated online shopping/selling expert in the house. Amazon sucks for selling, to me, unless you're a high volume seller. Or perhaps my experience have just been bad. It also doesn't help that a lot of the book we have are obscure self-help things. I've had wonderful buying experiences on Amazon. But selling...glahg!

Sorry for the negativity. I'm just really frustrated right now.


Catching up

Yesterday, as a super-sweet reward for helping a family friend, I spent all day at Six Flags. The picture above is of a ride called Flashback. I rode it. It was scary at first, when you could see the drop. But it was fun. I rode 6 roller coasters yesterday, one I went on twice. I did NOT ride the Superman. I keep thinking I can work up enough courage. But dropping 200 feet with only a lap bar as a restraint...I would pass out. I enjoyed myself way more than I should have been allowed. I didn't work THAT hard with the friend.

I finished some wristlet straps. Hopefully some time this week I'll be able to get at least one in my shop. My mom is buying magnets to give as gifts. One set is for her. She's my best customer.

I haven't solidified my visit to my cousin this weekend. It would be nice, but have lots of logistics to work out. Shall see.

I'm tired now, but I have to keep an eye on an eBay item for my dad.


Day One

'S' word
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There's a group on Flickr called Crafting 365. You're supposed to post a pic of what you're making everyday. I started, then got a cold, went on vacation, the camera died. So I'm starting over.

These are the new pair of magnets. I really enjoy making them. They're so cute and the magnets are pretty strong, though they're tiny. Each one is about 1 1/4" square but because I handsaw each one and then sand it, they're not perfect.

Snap and Sugar will be listed soon. Squirrel and Acorns are listed. Sugar and Snap are listed.


So far

My project- back wall
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My huge project is redecorating my bedroom. Looking at some old pictures I realized this has been going on for almost exactly 2 years. That made me a little sad, but then I was glad relieved because I thought it was 3 years.

Crazy me thought I could finish everything in a month. Well if I had only to take of the wallpaper, removed in the pic above but can be seen here, and paint the walls I may have done it. But no, crazy me decided to do it all.

I've gotten alot done, taken off the wallpaper, chip off yellow paint (which I thought would be a waste but I'm glad I did it), steamed off the hideous blue wallpaper, stripped all the wood...mostly, and the door. *sigh* My room still looks like a disaster area. I don't have as much storage as I need. I don't have much money left to fund this project. I just want it to be done. I can see it in my head...I just hope I can get there before...well, I don't know.

I'm going to Six Flags tomorrow. That'll be a nice break. Though I just did have a break. Suddenly, I'm goin' place...like I have money. I may be going to visit my cousin in NY state at the end of the month.

Oh for shop news, I did finish a new pair of magnets. I may list them tomorrow. I'll more likely take a picture tomorrow. I also turned the wristlet straps right-side out and I cut out one lining. I also got the chain for the cuffs but it's not big enough. I'll probably destash that. It's not worth returning because I'd lose my refund paying for return shipping. So if anyone knows where to find large curb chain, like wallet chain, let me know. :)



That pic is meant to be blurry. It's my oldest younger brother. He's 19 today. I remember when we would try to figure out how old we would be in 'x' number of years. We never went as high as 19. That was old then.



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I'm back. I took this pic while I was away. I would have taken more. I could see things as pictures in my mind. But we forgot to bring the charger for the camera and didn't have any extra batteries. So it died on about day 3. I was bummed.

I watched way too much TV. The house had cable. I loved What Not To Wear. I put together puzzles, went to the beach (it was too cold to swim though). It was nice to get away. But I was so happy to come home.

I didn't make a single thing while on vaca. But I'm going to finish up some projects I had going before I left. Hopefully, I'll have at least one new thing to list this week.



I will be away from my shop, my blog and Flickr and everywhere else I have an online presence until the 16th. I'll have no internet. I will survive. :P

Feel free to peruse any of the my pages. Buy things from my shop. Just be aware that I won't be able to answer any emails, or ship anything until I come back home.

I actually need this break. I've been stalking/haunting my inbox and my shop, thereby stressing myself out. *sigh*

I shall return.


Smile- Featured 9.9.07

I had made up my mind to post this. I'm a little bit more melacholy today. Confused, I suppose. Thrown. Anyway, these items, from Etsy of course, make me smile. You can click the pictures to go straight to the listings. :)

These are Happy Go Lucky Rings from kathrynriechert. I seriously want one.

Framed Happy Apples art by rubyfax. I think these are really sweet.

A Ralph smile card by gkpapergarden. Stick figures are awesome!

There you have it! The first feature post on Titled Unnecessarily. I may do another, when I think of a theme. Or maybe I'll let the theme be born out of what I'm posting about, how I'm feeling.




Sometimes things happen that are monumental to you but no one else, I've decided. In these instances it's okay to seemingly 'overreact' or at least respond slightly out of character. It's okay to bask in that moment of goodness, fortune or whatever you want to call it. Eventually life will move you on. (How would I write that so it doesn't end in a preposition? Is that still a grammatic sin?) Enjoy it! Smile!

Where is that coming from? I'm kinda calling myself out. Sometimes I can be such a pessimist and call it being realistic. I'll reason myself out of being happy because 'it's not that big a deal'. I do this with good things and bad things, squash what I'm feeling. I don't like that about me.

I've been journaling and blogging (and smiling) like crazy lately. I just NEED to get the feelings out. People have noticed. But I don't want to share the reason, yet. (With someone I actually know. By blogging I'm sharing, I know.) It's one of the moments that might only be huge to me. I don't want to find out if it is, yet. I don't want to ruin it. I don't want anyone to pop my happiness. I don't want to be drawn back into negativity again. I've been there for too long.



More magnets
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I listed these today. I blogged the pic through Flickr so click this to go to the listing.

I really like those magnets. I may have to make another set for myself. Not that I have room for to keep more magnets.

He wrote back. (refer to earlier posts from today) He remembered. I couldn't help but smile. I don't know why I always think I'm so forgettable. There was one time, but it was one time. *sigh* I need to get a higher opinion of myself.

Thanks for the comments, before. :)


So I did it. I'm not expecting anything. I'm a realist. I needed to do this, for me. Which may be selfish. But if I didn't, I'd always wonder.


I just found a guy I went to elementary school with on Facebook. I'm a mess, now. We lost touch when he left the continent with his family. There was a lot more surrounding that, too. I guess I could just send him a message. But I don't want to be stalker-ish. I was just thinking about him yesterday because of a thread posted in Etsy forums. So maybe...oh, I don't know. I'm probably over-complicating this. I do that.



So we're two days into one of my favorite months of the year. I'm not sure exactly why. My birthday's not in this month and Christmas is in December. (Last I checked at least.) Maybe it's because I still associate it with going back to school and I liked school. Summer really was a bit overrated after the first few weeks. (I'm the kid who played school, strictly, at home. )

I listed these today. I know, I never list on Sundays. But I sold my PIF so I figured I'd list something else. Yeah, blew through that $.20 like nothing. Ha!
*is cracking herself up*

I'm almost done spackling my room. Redoing my bedroom is becoming the second longest project of my life, next to finishing writing a book. I'm not really sure why there's been so much work stoppage. I'd really like to at least get the walls painted this month. One of my aunts is coming next month. She's never been to the house, and if you could see my room, you'd understand why I really should work on it.

I made so super-scrumptious lemon bars for myself. And my brother. We're the only ones who like them. Did I do that on purpose? Maybe. I finally got a texture I'm pleased with. Soy creamer...that's all I'm saying.

Okay, I'm going to pretending to be productive. I got to raid mom's corduroy stash so I should make some new wristlets. Now that I changed my shop name, though, the labels I have aren't right. Maybe I'll just use them anyway. Ha. I have a cool idea using a metal stamp, but that would involve a custom stamp, (I'm uber glad I didn't order one with my old name), and cutting tiny pieces of metal, and rivets. I don't want to get into all that now.

Plus I have magnet ideas. I drew the cutest squirrel. Okay, no, this is the cutest squirrel. (That word 'squirrel' is a link. Click it!)

FYI: Ha is my new word. Sort of my 'booyah'. :P And lately parathetical phrases rock. (see what I mean)

*throws confetti for those who made it to the end of this long post*