It's oddly warm here, where I live, across the street from a white house. (It's probably just as warm on the other side of the street. :P) It's dreadfully overcast, though. I really wanted to go for a walk, I needed to be outside. So I did. For about 45 minutes I strolled along with my umbrella in one hand, just in case, my bag slung over my shoulder.

I got a line that may be on a t-shirt or something one day. I tried not to think about my...situation, the thing that is still on my mind all the time. It annoys and captivates me, still. It's frustrating and I just...wish...I could...get some closure I guess. This open-ended limbo thing just isn't cool. Really, truly.

Instead I listened to water rushing at the pond, the squish of my boot-ish shoes on the supersoaked ground. I dodged puddles and...other pleasantries left on the sidewalk. *reports* heh. I listened to the song that's been cycling through my brain: One Republic's Stop and Stare, mainly the chorus. I wondered if I looked ridiculous with my brightly colored golf umbrella, it was closed, on a dry day. It was mildly refreshing. But then, I was home, and...well...

So I continue and wait and trust that one day, this won't be the topic of everything I write, touch, talk about. One day...

Post Picture: Taken in May 2007 on the day I fell in love with photography. Seeing it now, reminds me of brighter days in every sense of the term. To spring!