It's snowing...again. I'm so ready for spring. Really. Stop with the arctic blasts already. *sigh* Never mind. See why here by clicking the colorful link. Colorful Link

I checked my other email, the one I use for my other sales ventures of non-handmade stuff. I made two sales yesterday. I totally wasn't going to check that email. Mostly I have up old books that we probably shouldn't have bought in the first place. They don't sell often. So I'll package up those things and ship them, tomorrow. It made me happy.

Ya wanna know what else made me happy? Seems the writer's strike may be over soon. That would be great. Though watching TV is a largely a waste of time, I miss Heroes and Chuck and wasn't about to settle for Your Dad is Better than My Dad. I realize that this might still be the end of this season. But there is hope.

Post Picture: One of the things that sold.