Secret Ops

There's a contest. I want to enter that contest. Asked some questions, read some blog posts, I have a loose plan and am going for it.

I'd been quietly craving a new project for a while. Working on elpy is enjoyable. Every once and a while the urge to create something entirely new takes over and I've found it's best to go with it. Can't be very specific right now, but as things become available I'll share them...or I'll make you sweat and wonder. hehe

The project is bringing me back to my first love: paper-crafting. I use to make some pretty crazy things for school assignments (paper guns that did kinda shoot when you squeezed them, a cannon that shot with the aid of rubber bands, moses and the red sea, a pueblo town out of old cartons). It's also affirming that I will always be crafty, which I have struggled with accepting and wondered how long it would last.

I'm in a happy place right now.

Post Pictures: Some of the pictures I've taken of my progress. Nothing really specific, just kinda artsy. Rebel XS, I love you, I promise to learn how to work with you better.