Weekend Blurble- Father's Day

I'd decided last week that I want to spend the majority of Sundays away from the computer. It's a challenge, but overall good. So much happens when I'm away from the computer...I'm not sure how much to actually share.

Yesterday was Father's Day. Some old friends that moved out of state made their annual visit. So after church we went on a picnic with them to Kent Falls State Park, about an hour from our house. The weather changed and was nice out there. We hiked up the falls and then stumbled down the other side. It was kinda fun in the arduous things are when you have good company.

I have a job application to finish. Some beads I bought arrived today. They have me jonesing for more, but I really need to put the kibosh on supplies buying...unless if I go to Boston tomorrow I can weedle my way to the Dick Blick up there. Then I wouldn't have to pay shipping. Ha!

I found a site called Blurb. I'm not sure how I found it, maybe from Qoop or Etsy. You can make your own photo books. I've thought about making a catalog of my wares when I finally start doing shows. This would be perfect. I have the layout in mind. I just need to make more things to fill it in. It's looking super-easy and not really expensive. Can't say how soon it'd be done, but it's an option...a resource. Makes me happy.

Post Picture: Forget where we were in the ascent but it's a picture of the falls. I again wished for a D-slr. Or perhaps a better knowledge of Photoshop Elements.