Hello Winter

Hello Winter

I should have made things like crazy. Instead, I've spent most of the day on the computer or watching TV. I got another sale. Eep! Another item sale at that. Yay! I'm so child-like when it comes to sales. If I can get like 4 more, I'll have sold 2x as much as last year. Which numbers-wise isn't that great...but statistically it rocks. It's all about perspective. I'm trying to changed to 'half-full'.

There are still some hours left in the day. I'll see what I can do. Other big news, I finally came up with an invoice form that I liked. I don't know why I didn't think to use a table/chart all along. So much easier. I think it looks more professional. It's definitely so much easier.

I took a chance and emailed someone else about my shop. I don't know what'll come from it. But then I never do. I still didn't hear back from another email I sent.
And it looks like I may get that huge jewelry commission. I hope so. I just need to start brainstorming ideas. Eek!

Maybe this is all finally turning around.

Post Picture:
Frankly, the picture makes me a little sad. It's proof it probably won't be t-shirt weather for another 3+ months. Some people look forward to this. Not I. This was taken my brother youngest this morning. He should take a class in photography, I think. He gets so really nice shots for someone with no training at all. *is an over-proud big sis* :P