Weekend Blurble/Sports Aside 7.07

In keeping with my plan of staying off the computer on Sunday, I spent much of the morning and afternoon (before and after church) watching the Wimbledon men's final. I've been watching tennis the longest of all sports. My dad watched it, so I'd watch it with him. Grew up with the Agassi/Sampras rivalry. Now it's Nadal and Federer.

Yesterday's match, which lasted about 6 hours all told, rain delays and such, was positively thrilling. Nadal won. That made me happy. Except for the Yankees and the Patriots, I'm all about the underdog. Not that Nadal is much of an underdog. But Federer had won there 5 times in a row and was going for a record 6th win.

While watching, I did manage to sand 21 magnet blanks. I branded them and the 12 coaster blanks and burned 3 sets of magnets. Not too bad I guess. Blogging during my 'lunch break'. I could work through lunch. (elpy is my job.) So now, it's back to work. Still have a ton I want to get done before the show. Which is a week from today. O.o