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I have been slacking. This is not good.

I've been seeing pictures in my mind. Like instances in life and thought, that would look interesting as a photograph. I should walk with a camera. But the battery on ours is iffy. Plus, I may drive my family crazy, incessantly snapping shots of oddness. (see photo in the post)

No one was around when I took that photo. It's the top of a styrofoam container my brother bought. Okay, he bought chicken wings, but the container was too keep him from having to hold them, you understand. I was sitting there thinking, That would be an interesting shot. I like it. The out-of-focus stuff are the dining room chairs and a book he had open.

I'm really getting drawn into photography, but I'm fighting. I'm afraid. I think it's too artsy. I'm not strong enough to handle...what I'm not sure. I'm not sure if I only want to tinker. I think I could be good. If I wasn't scared. *sigh* To try and fail, I suppose, is better than never trying at all. (that's a reworking of a sentiment usually said, about love) Shall see.