flashback:: 'memba that?

Tia of Christopher and Tia does a series called 'Friday Flashbacks'. The subject of the post is something from her and/or her family's past. I've enjoyed reading her posts and thought about participating but wasn't sure what to write.

Then I listened to the Doomhouse podcast episode regarding earliest memories. That got me to thinking about mine.

I'm the oldest of three children. And aside from a memory snapshot of me sitting in a stroller with my mom and aunt in a Wendy's...my earliest memories have to do with my oldest younger brother, referred to here as Bro1.

Memory 1:
This is a hybrid memory, meaning I know part of it happened, but it's meshed with this picture...before the picture at the top of the post could have happened. I remember having a dream about my little brother, someone my mom said I could play with. I was about 2 at the time, and we were chasing each other in my dream. I didn't quite understand that he would be born a baby and have to grow up into a kid I could play with. I told my mom of my confusion when she showed me baby Bro1. In the dream I remember, we're wearing these outfits. There occurs the meshing. So either I really remember us chasing each other...or I've seen this picture so many times it's fused with that dream.

Memory 2:
This one I never told anyone until after hearing the podcast...so it's like 20 years old but I know it happened. I woke up from a nap one day, probably closer to the age I am in that photo, late 3yo/early 4yo.

I guess my mom had taken Bro1 downstairs already because I don't remember him being in the room. I wondered why it was like to be him. So I crawled into his crib/toddler bed. I could then see the room from where he would if he was in the crib. But I knew it wasn't the same...because I was still me. I would never really know what the world looked like to him. Yes, I was quite the existential thinker at 3.

And the whole 'do others really exist?' 'what goes on when I'm not there' conundrum has puzzled me my whole life. Only a few weeks ago, when I shared this memory with my mom for the first, did I found out that she's wondered the same sort of thing formost of her life as well. What was that saying about the apple and the tree?

So those are my two earliest memories. You can share yours in the comments section if you wish. You can also read other Friday Flashbacks on Tia's blog and/or listen to the Doomhouse podcast on their website.

Photo:Me and Bro1 circa...1989/1990?