Weekend Blurble- Post Show

The show is over. It was a one day show, from 9-4 on Saturday. It was a good experience. I had lofty goals and high hopes. In that department it was a little discouraging. But over-all it was good. I sold more items than at any single farmer's market, but not in terms of dollar amount. I made back my booth fee, but barely touched recouping the money I spent re-doing my display. (isn't it pretty?)

The sellers on either side of me were really nice. One was a jewelry seller, there were a lot of jewelry sellers as this was not a juried show. There were two resellers which were in violation of the application. But maybe they had some special stipulation. The other sold pottery. She reminded me of an older version of my friend in VA. They both said that this show was slow, that the May one is better.

There was a good turn-out and, as it was in my hometown, there were a lot of people I knew. I haven't decided if that was a good thing, yet. They were friends of my mom and would stand at the table talking. I think they may have scared some lookers away.

I did close the show with a small run of sales, so that was good. And a girl has emailed me requesting a pair of earrings and a matching necklace. Another woman is considering having me make something for her wedding...a woodburned favor thing.

So it wasn't bad. I may try for the May show. It's not for a while yet. I'll have to see. One the bright side, I have a lot of things to list in the shop.