Hardly Working

So I've been misleading you. I haven't really been reading that much about restarting my Etsy shop. I haven't made many brand new things or even designed them. I stare at my beads and wood and fabric and see nothing...nothing at all.

I've been reading a lot of library books, fiction mostly. Should have a new BIC to put up soon. I've been trying, though to a lesser degree, to sort out how I can pay for college in the fall. I miss school and really want to go back.

I got my license about two months ago. I've been riding my bike around a town more than ever. (should probably buy a helmet) I've been finding projects I've abandoned...and starting new ones instead.

I've been twittering, Flickring, ThisNexting and doing many manner of procrastinating-ish things because...well, I don't know why.

I'm not even sure if I should blog something like this. Probably makes me looks aimless. Guess I am a little. I'm not giving up. That much I know. I'm just a little lost, I think.

I want to be one of those purposed persons. I want to be content where I am because I know where I'm going...at least somewhat. I want to have a plan or a schedule or some list of goals of things to achieve...but I'm not sure what I want to achieve. And so around the monkey's barn I go again.

I hope to find my way back to productivity soon.

Post Picture:
One of the pea plants in our garden has flowered. I thought it looked pretty.