days to go

Had orientation for school yesterday. It was interesting.

  • The campus tour was very helpful. Got myself back to B-wing of the LRC building by myself. :)

  • The Monster.com spokeswoman was caffienated. Note to her, nix the techno music in your presentation. *ears bleeding*

  • The student senate president's speech reminded me of Dwight's speech in one episode of The Office

  • There is always a goofball, attention-getting guy isn't there? And he always sits next to me.

  • One of the student resources guys sounded exactly like Kermit the Frog. Realization of this courtesy of aforementioned goofball. I was thinking an grown up Ernie

  • There are also always the beautiful popular girls with the enviable pristine appearance.

  • S is pregnant. T doesn't want it. S will probably keep it to stay connected to T, her parents will make him help. (gossip about strangers courtesy of the aforementioned popular girls next to me)

  • The pizza wasn't good. Glad I had snacks.

  • It was a beautiful day!

Post Picture: A cup full of smiles. The result of my week-long burning session. They will be samples.