[nautico] long, etc.

Didn't get much computer time yesterday but I did manage to list the Nautico long earrings. Simple but so elegant. I love the earwires. I love love love them. They're sterling silver, lightweight and very feminine, graceful, like the ballet dancer of earwires. :)

I'm wristlet-ing. Over the past few days I've cut out a ton of wristlet bodies and straps (the outer corduroy parts), cut up a shirt for lining (it will yield 6 wristlets), cut interfacing for the straps and the bodies (the straps are a general pain), ironed the interfacing to both, sewed the straps' inside seams (they are two-part straps joined by a brass ring and double-stitched). I'm tired. Ha. I just want one to be done!

Oh, most of my supplies came in for my jewelry comission. I'm to make a bunch of butterfly charm necklaces and earrings as 'party favors' for a quinceanero. I'm using czech fire-polished beads. Really nice. I'll have to get a pic up soon.