For some reason it's really irking me that the second largest section in my shop is supplies. I have more stuff to list in supplies, too. I do too much impulse buying with supplies, things I'll never need or use just because they're on clearance.

So far, nothing's over $3. I'm not looking to turn a profit, just clear out some things. I've sold a few things. So I'm not really complaining. I'd really like to get a sale from one of my handmade items though.

Well, I should tell you that theater is over now. It was a little sad, it did get me out of the house. But I'm glad it's over, I was getting tired. I also had a bit of a thought. I don't think there will ever be world peace. How can we get 6+ billion people to get along when there was all kinds of tension in our theater group that topped out at about 150...maybe? Granted none of it led to physical violence. But there were a lot of flared tempers, four-letter words, tears, angst, misunderstandings, betrayal. It was a great learning experience. I'm thankful I did it.

I'm sad I have no pictures of it. But to bring my camera, would have meant leaving it unattend for long periods of time, which wouldn't have been good. Ah well. I saved a shingle from one of the houses. *is a packrat*