purpose defined

As you know, posts have been sporadic at best here on the ole blog. And I'd do the customary apology...then forget to post for another week. I didn't know where I was going with it, or with my shop...but that's another story. It had gone through name changes and URL changes and template changes. I'd added themed posts...and taken them away. I'd added feature posts...which had proven to be the one reason I kept posting. I found cool things and had to share.

Around Christmas, I found ScoutieGirl's ebook on blogging, I took some time to think about the purpose of this blog. Should I restrict it shop news? Should I stop with the By Its Cover posts? Should I keep doing Seller Tips? Should I not mention sports at all...or TV, or Twitter, or silly random thoughts?

I follow my share of blogs. And I love them all for different reasons, reactions they elicit from me. But the main reason was because through the posts I got to know the people behind them. Sometimes in a more personal way, sometimes professional. But their blogs were and are a reflection of them. And so, too, should mine be. elpy IS a part of my life, but so is reading, and the Yankees, and Masterpiece Theater.

So what is the purpose of Not Rachel? Simply this:

A way for you to learn about things that are beautiful, inspiring, thought-provoking, silly or in some other way interesting, to learn about me- Rebecca...not Rachel. (honestly, I get called 'Rachel' a lot.) Do share with me!

Post Picture: A twirling stack of coasters in the sun. One of mine. Because the blog is in motion again.