Now 8.14

I've made the change in the shop to made to order. With the advent of shows/markets, I don't think I can stand the pressure of keeping one of everything in stock all the time and make new things. I've added a lot of new things over the last month and reshot some of the older pieces. Those will be 'stock' images now. Aside from wristlets, some of which are OOAK, a purchase may take up to a week to ship. I've added this info to my profile on Etsy and put in my shop announcement. I'm happy about this.

The market went well, today. Sold five items- two photographs, two pairs of earrings and a set of magnets. Some will be remade because my show stock is decreasing. Others won't be for the time being. The search for balance continues.

I also realize, though I guess I always knew it, that I can't run after every promotional gig I see/read/hear about. There is no one way to getting sales. It's sort of an anomaly, both in real life and online. I also think that my target audience is older than I thought. heh...Rock on, right?

Post Picture: The second set of Dots all lined up, Elle, Leaflet, Ria and Taris.