places you'll go- hike to hueblin

This was the view from one point at the top of Talcott Mountain. The lighthouse was closed for the winter. It didn't feel much like winter on Sunday. There were many disappointed hikers who felt gipped out of their just reward for risking their lives on the slippery rocky slopes.

It was a pretty day, warm for March. I went with a friend and it was nice to catch up though at times neither of us could talk without huffing and puffing.
We lingered in the park-ish bit of green around the lighthouse, guzzled water, took pics and ate pretzels before heading back down.

Then when I went to log my hike on dailymile it said that hiking burned no calories. Silly programmers. I just laughed.

Now to finish packing. It has not been previously mentioned here, but tomorrow I will be in Phoenix visiting staceyrebecca. So excited!


some tools required

Sometimes I excuse myself from doing things because I tell myself that I lack one (or some) of the tools that I believe would guarantee my success. These tools are not necessary, the task could be done without them. The added problem is that sometimes I will get one of the items on the list and continue to procrastinate because I've gotten myself to believe that I need EVERYTHING.

I told myself that I would exercise more if I only had an exercise mat. But I couldn't find a good one. My floors are hardwood so the thin yoga mats don't help much. The bulky fold-up ones would be too hard to store. So...I let exercising slip. I would walk when I could, and did start running late last year. But if I only had a mat...

Then I found the mat in the picture. And it is a DREAM It's easy to store, it masks the hardness of the floor superbly (sometimes I just lay on it to read) and at the time of purchase it was on sale. So perfection. Unlike in previous need-a-tool-get-a-tool-need-another-tool procrastination situations, I have been exercising more. I log my workouts on dailymile, which helps. I've started setting goals and really making a point of doing something, even if it's only a few minutes, or taking the long way home from the bus. It's a fight...to show my thankfulness for the mat by actually using it. But I'm always glad, even in momentarily exhausted, when I do. It's the best thirty bucks I've spent in a while.